Eat Well & Lose Weight


Here the tricks that have served me, many of them you will already know because they are simple ideas to organize, and I want to share with you:

1. At breakfast is the time when I can treat myself more. In the weekly menu I put several examples of breakfasts that are good to start, then everyone can adapt it to their tastes.

2. In food I try to reduce hydrates and fats, the more. best. Now, I don't eliminate them at all, because we also need them.
Every day I can perfectly eat a piece of bread and here begins the secret ... moderation. A piece of nothing happens ... to push to pretend ... more or less like about 3 fingers or bread spikes ... Also one day a week as a legume, and another day or two a week as pasta or rice , there I avoid eating bread ...
- A serving of meat or fish would be about 150-200 grams of meat or fish.
- A serving of soup or pure is what fits me in a bowl
- A serving of rice, pasta or dried legumes, is about 60 gr when I want to lose weight. It may seem little but by including supplements of vegetables etc they make a dish of the most complete.

3. At dinner always as eggs or fish as the main ingredient although some recipes may carry some vegetables, the protein of the egg and fish is very good both for weight loss and for resting well at night. As a general rule, I don't eat more than 5 eggs a week.

4. I have always made a vegetable puree without potatoes, at least at the beginning until I control my appetite. If I think that I'm going to stay hungry at some meal, I start eating puree and then continue with the normal menu, the puree makes me fill up without adding just fats and hydrates and then the rest of the meal will make me feel hungry For eating something delicious.

5. I also take the fruit in moderation because it has enough carbohydrates, I usually eat it better alone, and I wait 3 hours before or after another meal. This as a general rule, if one day I make a recipe with fruit, such as melon with ham, then nothing happens but specific days. as a rule I avoid it. The fruit is a very good option for mid-morning.

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