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Best Touch Switch Wireless Wall Light Switch

Best Touch Switch Wireless Wall Light Switch

Touch Switch Remote Control Switch EU Standard Glass Panel wall light Smart Switch for lamp

* Price Updated on 2019-07-14
* Price Before Discount US $4.71

Touch Switch wireless wall light switch, EU Standard Glass Panel Smart Switch for lamp

Product Full Specifications & Reviews

  • Item Type: Switches
  • Certification: ce
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Certification: FCC
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch
  • Model Number: EU-T302
  • Features: touch on/off
  • Material: Plastic
  • Current: 5A
  • Brand Name: Devans
  • Color: white/black/golden
  • Panel Material: Tempered Crystal Glass Panel
  • Operating Environment: -20~70 centigrade
  • Size: 86*86*36mm
  • Standard: EU standard
  • Voltage: 170V-240V AC,50/60Hz
  • Load Power: 5-300W / gang,800W total
  • Function: Wall Light Switch Touch Screen
  • Power Supply: Single Live Line
  • Self Power Consuming: Less than 0.1mA


Touch Switch Remote Control switch, EU Standard Glass Panel wall light Smart Switch for lamp


1. 1gang has one button, 2gang has two button, 3gang has 3 button, please know that!
2.  the battery are prohibits to ship in customs, so product do not contain battery, you can buy at your local.  
3. Pay Attention:
The options which without remote control, is only touch switch, no RF function, can not work with remote control

 The option which with the remote control, is the RF433 switch, you can control it by remote control, also has the touch function.

Battery Model of Remote Control : 12V  27A
Battery Size: 27mm*8mm


Load Power: 5-300W / gang,800W total,

incandescent lamp 5-300w, LED lamp 5-200w, less than 6 combined lamps.



1.Toughened crystal glass panel design, no fading, looks elegant and stylish

2.With blue LED indicator, very distinguished, more humanization design.

3.E-start, no sparking contacts.

4.Brand new imported American IC intelligent chip, more sensitive on touch

 5.Protection of over-current, anti-interference.

6.Touch control ensures longer service life than traditional switch

7.Single live wire control, easy to install, replace the old switch directly.

8.More humanization design: the lamp is off when the incoming of electricity again, save electricity.

9.Widely used for home, villa, hotel, office, hospital and so on.



Q1: How to connect switch to work with lights?

Answer: There is a manual come with parcel, Follow that, usually like normal switch, or you can contact us or qualified electrician.


Q2: Does this switch need a zero line (neutral line)?

Answer: no need, like normal switch, Just connect the fire wire and the light wire,


Q3: all the switches can work with remote control?

Answer: if you choose only touch switch, have touch function only, can not work with remote control, if you choose remote control switch, then it can be work with remote control,  work at RF 433 Mhz.


Q4: How does a remote control work?

Answer: Please purchase the exact battery model according to the detailed description, and then pair the remote control to the switch. There have pairing way in the manual. If failed, please clear the code and pair again


Q5: the yellow capacitor necessarily install? What function it is?

Answer: not necessary, this is a spare part. When the lamp micro-light or start flasing, pls connect it according to the manual.


Q6. Can the mobile app control the switch?

Answer: No, this switch without wifi function , you can choose wifi switch from our store.


Q7 : Is it compatible with Google Home? Alexa and other voice device?

Answer: No, can not, this is not wifi switch, you can choose wifi switch from our store.






1.Positive Feedback(5 Stars)is very important to us,
Please think twice before leaving feedback,Please do not open
dispute to us,we will take responsibility to resend or refund for any problem.
2.Please contact us by Trade manager or letters before leaving neutral(3 stars) 
or negative(1-2 stars)feedback. 
we will try our best to solve the problems and please trust us.



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