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1080P Smart Glasses Camera Driving Video Recorder

Full or Half Frame Smart Glasses Camcorder HD 1080P Mini Glasses Camera OTG UVC USB Video Camera Driving Video Recorder Mini DV

1080P Smart Glasses Camera Driving Video Recorder

Full or Half Frame Smart Glass Camcorder HD 1080P Mini Glasses Camera OTG UVC USB Video Camera Driving Video Recorder Mini DV

* Price Updated on 2020-01-09
* Price Before Discount US $46.00

Full or Half Frame Smart Glasses Camcorder HD 1080P Mini Glasses Camera OTG UVC USB Video Camera Driving Video Recorder Mini DV


Please Note: The Camera need to insert original Kingston or Sandisk C10-Class or above High-speed  MicroSD/TF memory card to video recording.

And Cam Standard is not included the MicroSD/TF memory card.

Please select Bundle2 ,Bundle 3 or Bundle 4 for Cam Plus 8GB or 16GB or 32GB memory if you want.

It is a fashion optic frame smart glasses with wearable camera video voice recording digital DVR camcorder for outdoor sports, car driving, climbing, cycing and so on.



1. New Plano Glasses with wearable camera. Frosted rubber paint, excellent workmanship.

2. Easy to operate, Two-Buttons control for wearing operation

3. Support External Max.32GB MicroSD/TF memory Card. (Not included Memory Card)

4. Camera: 5.0MP CMOS Mini Camera

5. Video Resolution: 1920*1080 (1080P) 

6.  The new perfect glasses combination of video recorder, support UVC protocol USB Video Class Camera.

7. OTG Function: when use your OTG cable connect glasses to the Android 4.0+ smart phones or tablets devices which must support OTG fuction,then the glasses works as a removable memory disk to your Android 4.0+ devices.(Please make sure your Android 4.0+ devices must support OTG function,otherwise OTG fuction can not work) ,You can playback,edit and share the videos in your glasses memory card.Make sure you are connecting the glasses to your Android 4.0+ devices in the right way. We offer a Micro to Micro USB OTG Cable for Free Gift.

OTG cable_副本

High-grade Fashion Eyeglasses:      

Adopt high-grade fashion eyeglasses without degrees which features windproof, effectively protect your eyes. In addition, the included mini camera will recording the scenery along the way and captures the wonderful moments.

High-definition Video and Photo:  

The equipped mini camera supports HD 1080P(1920*1080 @ 30fps) video resolution and supports 5MP picture resolution. Offers 75° Angle lens which support better image capture and image quality as you want.

Equipped with MicroSD/TF card Slot:  

Equipped with MicroSD/TF memory card slot which support MicroSD/TF memory card up to 32GB  (Not included memory card) . Offering you much larger memory space for storing files. You will never miss any moment of what's happening during travel.

Easy to Use:  

With Two functions button on the glasses leg top. One button for Power on/off and photography, One button for video recorder. So easy to operate secertly when wearing.  Support PC camera function.Equipped with micro USB port, the camera can be used a PC camera (webcam), after connected the product with the standard USB port of computer, the camera enter to the PC camera (webcam) mode, you can use it to online video chat with your friends and family member.

Widely Use:

It not only can be used a glasses, but also can be used a camera and video recorder. A great companion for travel and daily life. Suitable for archers, hunters, anglers, ATV enthusiast, journalist, traffic police, travelers, etc.



Item  Specification:

*Models for choose: DG006S Full Frame style / DG007S Half Frame style

*Glasses Net Weight: 30g

*Glasses Material: ABS Plastic 

*Video format: AVI

*Video encoding: M-JPEG

*Video resolution: 1920*1080 (1080P)

*Photo format: JPG

*Photo Pixel: 4032*3024

*Video frame rate: 30fps

*Sensor type: 5.0MP CMOS Mini Camera

*Camera Angle: 75o Angle view

*Media playing software Attached AVI software in the operating system, or the mainstream video playing software

*Easy Shoot and secretly Shoot by two-buttons operation

*Specially designed for Law enforcement agencies for their secret investigation.



Compatible O/S: Windows 7/8/10/me/2000/XP/2003/vista; Mac OS 10.4; Linux;

Charging voltage: DC-5V/500mA

Charging time About: 2-3hours

USB Interface: Micro USB port

External Memory: Support MicroSD/TF Memory Card ,Max up to 32GB (Not Include Memory card).

Power Supply: 250mA lithium polymer battery.

Power Duration: about 80-90 minutes recording time.

Power Consumption: <0.8W 

Work Temperature: 0 - 40 Centigrade

Work Humidity: 20%-80%, please avoid the humid working enviroment,the product is not waterproof.

Work illumination: Please shoot in the enviroment with enough illumination, do not make the camera lens face to the sun, the strong light source etc, avoiding the harm to the optical components.


The instructions of operation: Easy Two Buttons Control

1.Power on (Please insert the MicroSD/TF memory card first before power on)

Long-time Press the Power button , the red and blue indicator lights are on, After initialize, steady blue indicator light is always on,the device enters into the stand-by state. 

Note: In stand-by state, the product will power off automatically without operations within 1 minutes.

2.Photo taking: In stand-by state, short-time press the Power button, blue indicator light blinks 3 times and then off to take the photos. Long-time press the Power button to stop photo taking, when the blue indicator light blinking 1 time and save the photos files in *.JPG format. Meanwhile, it enters into the stand-by state.

Note: Please take photos in the environment with full enough illumination, and make sure that the lens is not covered by shelter and keep the distance with the subject more than 50cm. Then the photos are in correct directions, natural colors, clear pictures and stable images to take photos.

3.Video recording: In stand-by state, short-time press the Video button , the blue indicator light blinking 3 times, then off, it starts video recording. In recording state, short-time press the Video button to stop recording into stand-by state. Meanwhile, a video file in *.AVI format is saved. For guaranting the size and safety of the taken videos, the system saves the videos once every 10 minutes automatically, and take the video continuously.

4.Power off: In stand-by state, long-time press the Power button for 2-3 seconds, the red and blue indicator light blinking 1 time, then indicator lights are off, which means shutdown.

5.Low-Battery: When the product detects the low battery in working, the blue lights flashing 3 times, then shut down automatically. The files being taken will be saved before shutdown.

6.Reset: When the product stops responsing from misuse or other unknown reasons and can't connect with the computer, please press the Two Buttons the same time to Reset.



Cam Standard Package include:

1x Camera Glasses  

1x Portable Pouch

1x USB Data/Charging Cable

1x Micro to Micro USB OTG Cable (Free Gift)

1x User Manual 


Cam Plus 8GB or 16GB or 32GB Memory Package include:

1x Cam Standard

1x 8GB or 16GB or 32GB memory card



Product Pictures:

MAIN-1-QUANMAIN-1-QUANDG007S-4-QUAN-HALFFRAMEDG007S-1-QUAN-NOCAMsizeDG007S-5-1-QUANDG006S-3-QUAN-FULLFRAMEDG006S-1-QUANDG006S-2-QUANDG006S-size-QUANmain-5-1000microSD cardtimesettingZMZ-1ZMZ-1-2ZMZ-10ZMZ-4ZMZ-3-1ZMZ-2-QUANZMZ-7-QUANZMZ-6profile-14profile-13profile-15ZMZ-11



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