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Foldable Baby Bed Travel Sun Protection Breathable Infant Sleeping Basket With Toys

Features: 1. Safety materials. Our baby mosquito tent beds use certified non-toxic, lead-free materials that are safe for babies. 2. Save space. This baby tent can be folded up, very compact, easy to put into the backpack and carry along. 3. Convenient for all occasions. Such as park, beach, football match, or just using it in the living room for daily use, it is very convenient! 4. Automatically expand the tent. It can open and fold in a few seconds, and the two-way zipper can quickly and easily put the baby into the tent. 5. Safe environment. Provide a virus-free environment, while keeping ventilation, so that babies will be protected from mosquitoes and strong sunlight, no insects or mosquitoes can fly in, mosquito net can effectively protect babies.

Foldable Baby Bed Travel Sun Protection Breathable Infant Sleeping Basket With Toys

Portable Bassinet For Baby Foldable Baby Bed Travel Sun Protection Breathable Infant Sleeping Basket With Toys

* Price Updated on 2020-01-13
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Baby Bed Travel Sun Protection Mosquito Net With Portable Bassinet Baby Foldable Breathable Infant Sleeping Basket


1. Safe materials, our baby toy tent beds use certified non-toxic, lead-free, baby-safe materials.

2. Save space, the crib can be folded up, very compact, easy to put in a backpack and take it to where you and your baby go, it is convenient for any occasion, such as taking it to a park, beach, football game, or just It is very convenient to use it for daily use in the living room!

3. The size of the storage bag is 45 * 12 * 40cm / 17.72 "* 4.72" * 15.75 ", and the size of the small bed is 95 * 45cm / 37.40" * 17.72 ", which is the size suitable for babies.

4. Safe environment, providing a virus-free environment, while maintaining ventilation, the backpack bed can be used indoors, convenient and convenient, can feed the baby at any time, observe the baby's sleeping situation, send toys, toys can attract the baby's attention, let the mother Don't worry about your baby at all times.

5. This model is a toy awning backpack. It has toys, no mosquito nets, and a awning. It can feed the baby at any time and observe the baby's sleeping situation.

Product Description:

Product Name: Baby Portable Backpack Naked Bed
Product Type: Portable Backpack Bed
Bed material: cotton
Backpack material: Linen
Toy material: abs environmental protection plastic
Style: Diagonal stripes
Color: red, blue, gray, pink, green
Suitable crowd: infants (0-1 years old)
Suitable occasions: general
Pattern: Solid color linen
Uses: portable
Storage Bag--45 * 12 * 40cm / 17.72 "* 4.72" * 15.75 "
Expanded size--95 * 45cm / 37.40 "* 17.72"

Package Include:

1 x Backpack bed



1. Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5 g for the difference between different colors.

2. Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little different from what you expect, please allow it.

3. 1.00cm=0.39"

RG1521 (38)RG1521 (68)RG1521H (4)RG1521 (9)RG1521G (4)RG1521 (36)RG1521L (4)RG1521 (39)RG1521P (4)RG1521 (44)RG1521R (4)RG1521 (42)


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