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Best Induction Cooker

Best Induction Cooker

Original xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker Mi home smart Creative Precise Control Induction Cooker with Mijia pot app Remote control

Item specifications

Brand Name:MIJIA
Energy Label:Grade 1
Controlling Mode:Digital Timer Control
Power (W):>2000W
Function:Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot
Material:Stainless Steel
Model Number:xiaomi
Heating Method:IH Electromagnetic Heating

Product Description


As we all know, cooking is the intersection of work and life, this induction cooker will give you a different experience. Xiaomi induction cooker is a new product for cooking, which has 99 different fire levels to precisely control cooking temperature, so you can adjust the cooking temperature according to your needs.

Main features:
100+ cooking modes
You are free to choose cooking modes such as frying, boiling and more
Stable heating
The traditional induction cooker will appear intermittent heating problems, the unstable temperature will lead to cooking failure
In order to solve this problem, Xiaomi induction cooker using dual-frequency heating technology, which can give you a cooking experience such as the traditional stove
Low-temperature cooking
Benefit from the sensitive temperature probe and dual-frequency heating technology, Xiaomi cooker can lock the pot temperature for a long time
 Double non-slip, stable and durable
 Water and electricity isolation to avoid accidental leakage
Xiaomi induction cooker's plate and the relative of the electromagnetic coil are separated, so the water stains can be discharged in time
External temperature probe, intelligent heat regulation
Xiaomi home induction cooker with an external metal temperature probe, which can directly access to the bottom of the pot, accurately measure the temperature of the pot body

 Please use single outlet with rated current above 10A
 Please use AC 220V power to avoid fire and electric shock
 Ensure heat source distance > = 30cm
 Keep away from electromagnetic interference
 When using the metal handle pot, please pay attention to anti-scald
 Appliances cannot be operated by an external controller or a separate remote control system
 Before heating the cookware, make sure there is food or water in the pan to avoid empty pan drying
 Do not place the product directly on the metal table to prevent the product from heating the metal table
 Because the heat will cause damage to the walls and furniture, discoloration, deformation, so please place the product away from wall and furniture more than 10cm
 Do not use non-professional cookware, in order to avoid affecting the heating performance or dangerous. If you use other pots, please observe: pot contain iron material, the bottom is flat and the bottom diameter is not less than 12cm and not more than the heating zone


Voltage (V): 220V
Power (W): 2100W
Product weight: 2.1000 kg
Package weight: 2.8200 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 26.50 x 26.50 x 7.00 cm / 10.43 x 10.43 x 2.76 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 30.00 x 30.00 x 12.00 cm / 11.81 x 11.81 x 4.72 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Induction Cooker, 1 x English User Manual




Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 2.82kg (6.22lb.)
  • Package Size: 30cm x 30cm x 12cm (11.81in x 11.81in x 4.72in)

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