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Magic Flexible Rubber Hose Plastic Water Spray Gun

Magic Flexible Rubber Hose Plastic Water Spray Gun

Expandable garden hose set spray gun for watering HOT magic flexible hose Water Gun garden hose car hose watering gun 25-200FT - Product

* Published on 2019-07-13

Item Full Specificatios & Reviews

  • Type: Garden Hose Reels
  • Garden Hose Reel Type: Water Hose
  • Plastic Type: PU
  • Brand Name: SAFEBET
  • Feature: Soft
  • Feature: Adjustable
  • Material: Plastic
  • Standard: DIN
  • Model Number: Water pipe
  • Type: Garden Hose Reels
  • Feature: Anti-Abrasion, Anti-UV, Soft, Flexible, Anti-Corrosion
  • Scope of application: Garden watering, car washing, agricultural watering
  • garden: Watering hose
25FT 350g/ specifications: long 2.5M after flushing 7.5M
50FT 500g/ specifications: long 5M after flushing 15M
75FT 600g/ specifications: long 7.5M after flushing 22.5M
100FT 750g/ specifications: long 10M after flushing 30M
125FT 850g/ specifications: long 12.5M after flushing 37.5M
150FT 1000g/ specifications: long 15M after flushing 45M
HTB1.6HjkjihSKJjy0Fiq6AuiFXaRHTB1K7gSXSr85uJjSZPiq6zOBFXa8HTB1xSbikamgSKJjSsplq6yICpXa9HTB13KzHkjqhSKJjSspnq6A79XXaA (1)HTB14rgljvBNTKJjSszcq6zO2VXapHTB1BNpMbwfH8KJjy1zcq6ATzpXaEHTB1.ZswSXXXXXa1XXXXq6xXFXXXF0103HTB1OAPWgiCYBuNkSnaVq6AMsVXad04050607080910
1. The car wash water pipe has the magic function of 3 times automatic telescopic expansion: it can be automatically extended by 3 times after passing water.
    Automatically retracts the original length after closing the water.
2, a wide range of applications (for car cleaning, indoor and outdoor doors and windows, floor cleaning, gardening
    Various uses such as gardening spray, household hygiene and cleaning).
3, small size and easy to store, a small compartment can be.
4, rotating water flower adjustment design, with 7 patterns of water.
5, internal pressure, long range.
6, easy to install, easy to disassemble, save time and effort, fast installation in three seconds.
7, with a water-based foam brush, easy to clean, protect the cleaning surface from damage, efficient
    Save time by synchronization
8, good quality, long service life, high elastic inner tube, high density cloth cover, no knotting,
    It is not hard and has a small folding volume. Extremely wear resistant.
9. The humanized design of the spray gun pays attention to the details. The triangular metal ring at the sprinkler head can be
    The switch is effectively supported to achieve automatic long-time water spray, which is more labor-saving.


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