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Best Garage Door Electric Cloning Remote Control Key

Best Garage Door Electric Cloning Remote Control Key

Garage Door Electric Cloning Remote Control Key Universal Safe Fob Car Gate 433MHZ Self Copy for Garage Doors Motorcycles Alarms - Product

* Price Updated on 2019-07-11
* Price Before Discount US $6.03

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  • Brand Name: Safurance
  • Model Number: Garage Door Wireless Remote Control


This copy of the remote control can not copy a computer code and rolling code, the device can only copy fixed code or learn codes.
One to one key copy
Each key password alone save
Can continuous repetitive copy use one million times
Privacy is strong
Working Voltage: DC12V (27A battery included)
Operating Current: ≤ 8mA
Working Frequency: 433.92MHz (Optional 315NHz)
Modulation Mode: ASK (AM)
Transmission Power: ≤100mW
Emission Distance: 50 to 100m
Encoding Type: self copy
Working Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃
Works with the following remote control IC modules (please check your original remote control before ordering), and your remotes also should be fixed code or learning code. AX5326-3, PT2262, PT2260, EV1527, FP527, PT2242, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, AX5326-4, SMC918, PT2240, HT6013, HT6013, HT12D etc
Uses: garage doors, motorcycles, car alarm products, home security products, short-range wireless remote control products, industrial control products
The essential condition for the selection of the remote control;the copyed remote control operates normal,chip is compatible and frequency is correct
Before buying,please make sure the copyed remote control operating frequency or choose & buy the frequency adjustable type remote control
Before buying,please confirm whether your remote control can be copyed or not
Our remote control can copy the fixed codes and learning codes rather than stealth codes. It can't copy original car remote control, two-way remote control and rolling code remote control (Rolling code chips start with HCS commonly, such as HCS200, HCS201, HCS300, HCS301, etc)
Copy method:
1st,Remove code
press the LOCK(NO.A/NO.1) and UNLOCK(NO.B/NO.2) button at the same time ,and the LED indicator will flash 3 times then off. After this ,keep hold the LOCK(NO.A or  NO.1)  and release the UNLOCK(NO.B or NO.2) button ,and press the UNLOCK(NO.B or NO.2) button 3 times ,the duplicator  led indicator will flash quickly , that means it remove the exist  code successful. Now you can come to the next step to copy now.
2nd,copy original remote
Pls take the original remote and duplicatoras close as possible. Then press one of button from original and one of themfrom duplicator at the same time, you will see the led indicator flash 2times,then fast flash ,that is too say you copy original remote successful.
In case you remove the code you have copyed by accident, what to do ? Don’t worry , you can press the last two button MUTE(NO.C/NO.3) and LEVIN (NO.D/NO.4) button at the same time ,the led indicator flash 3 times then fastflash ,the code you have recovery and you can continute to use
Package Included:
1 x Garage Door Wireless Remote Control


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