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High Sensitive Photoelectric Home Security Smoke Detector

High Sensitive Photoelectric Home Security Smoke Detector

FGHGF High Sensitive Photoelectric Home Security System Cordless Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Equipment Hot Sale - Product

* Price Updated on 2019-07-13
* Price Before Discount US $4.71

FGHGF High Sensitive Photoelectric Home Security System Cordless Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Equipment Hot Sale


Product Full Specifications & Reviews

  • Type: Smoke Detector
  • Model Number: A0008
  • Brand Name: FGHGF
  • Type: Smoke Detector
  • Model Number: A0008




  • Excellent stability.

  • High sensitivity.

  • Alarm test button for easy testing.

  • Low battery indicator.

  • Alarm Indication: Red LED flash.

  • Designed for the fastest possible installation.

  • This small gadgets will alert and warn people stay far away from danger field when it detected smoke.

  • This product named Photoelectric detector (hereinafter called detector) detects the smoke by a couple of infrared diodes. The principle of detecting is granule in the smoke can reflect infrared light. Infrared diodes are placed in the special chamber. The chamber can shield external light, but don't affect the smoke into it.

  • While have no smoke, the diode can receive very weak infrared light. When the smoke entering the the chamber, diode can receive more and more light, when the smoke attains the certain density, the detector can give out alarm signal. In order to reduce the interference and lower power consumption, the emitting circuit adopts the pulse signal.

  • The detector adopts the special structure design and ASIC, has the dustproof, mothproof and anti outside light interference feature etc.

  • The detector is suitable for detect the smoke in house, shop, hotel, restaurant, office building, school, bank, library, computer house and storehouse etc.

Technical Specification:

9V battery ( NOT Included ).

  • Sound Level:>=85dB/m

  • Alarm Current: <=20mA

  • Standby Current: 300μA

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C

  • Operating Humidity: 95%RH

  • Detecting Area:20 square meter

  • Smoke Sensitivity: 2.36%/FT +/-1.251%/FT OBS.


Package Content:

  1 x Cordless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm

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