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Best Blood Glucose Meters

Best Blood Glucose Meters

CE FDA Certificate Blood Glucose Meters Monitor Diabetics Test glycuresis Monitor 50 strips+50 Needles&Lancet+Blood Sampling Pen

* Price Updated on 2019-06-24
* Price Before Discount US $13.83

Item Specifications

Brand Name:ELERA
Item Type:Blood Glucose
Model Number:BG2
Commodity Quality Certification:ce
Size:71.8 x 49.1 x 15mm
Test time:5 seconds
Test Memory:20 test results
Battery Type:1 x CR 2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery
Certificate:CE FDA
Battery Life:>1000 readings


Expert explanation:It is very important to control the blood sugar within a reasonable range.
 If the blood sugar is higher than the normal value, it is very easy to develop into diabetes and cause great harm to the body. 
You need a blood glucose meter to help you monitor the blood sugar index, Keep your body in a healthy state.
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--The moment siphon technology: real trace of blood, reduce blood volume, just 0.6μL, reduce pain;
--Use the most advanced production of raw materials, equipment and processes:
Ensure the results are stable, more accurate
--The dual detection of blood: double insurance accurate readings Sample start and fill the dual probe, double insurance reading;
--One button,easy Operation;
--Chip code automatically without manual regulation ;
--  5 second Test results, Fast and accurate ;
-- Small size: easy to carry;
-- High and low B G level alert and acetone alert, dual use.
The moment siphon technology: real trace of blood, require only 0.6μL blood to measure and reduce the fear of users.
One Botton,Easy Operation,  You can measure your Glycemic index at home easily!
20 sets of memory data to help you record every measurement and monitor blood sugar changes
We use a button battery, its power enduring and durable
(By aviation restrictions, the battery is not included in the package)
Please note that our lancet is adjustable and varies in depth. If you are afraid of pain, you can adjust the depth of the lancet.
We also give a logbook as a gift, you can record the data measured at different times.
It's easy to access


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You are busy with work, busy with running around. 
You parents are getting older, the physical functions are regressing and are prone to various problems.
How long haven't you cared about your parents' body?
Blood glucose meter, Helping you care for parents health, There is no time to delay!



  • Test strips should only be used with the corresponding code chip.
  • Do not use expired test strips.
  • The Expiry Date of test strips : 2020
  • By aviation restrictions, the battery is not included in the package



- Size: 71.8 x 49.1 x 15mm
- Glucose test range: 1.1-33.3 mmol/L (20-600 mg/dL)
- Results display: plasma equivalent
- Minimum sample volume: 0.6μL
-Test Time: 5 seconds
- Battery Type:1x CR 2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery
- Battery Life: >1000 readings
- Memory storage:20 test results
- Auto shutdown: automatic shutdown after 2 minutes
- Display size:34 x 28mm
- Operating temperature: 5-45ºC(41-113ºF)
- Operatiog humidity: 20-90%(non-condensing)
- Hematocrit range: 30-55%


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