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Apple iPhone XR | 6.1

Apple iPhone XR | 6.1 liquid "Retina LCD screen fully unlocked Dual Sim cards 4G Lte Apple mobile Smart phone 2019

Apple iPhone XR | 6.1

Apple iPhone XR | 6.1 Smartphone Dual Sim Cards 4G Lte Apple Mobile Phone Smartphone 2018

* Price Updated on 2019-08-04
* Price Before Discount US $995.69

Apple iPhone XR | 6.1 liquid "Retina LCD screen fully unlocked Dual Sim cards 4G Lte Apple mobile Smart phone 2019

Item Full Specifications Overview

  • Phone Unlocker :  Yes
  • Storage capacity :  64G
  • RAM :  3G
  • Design :  Bar
  • Item Condition :  New
  • Operating System :  Ios
  • Mobile data :  GSM
  • Mobile data :  WCDMA
  • Mobile data :  LTE
  • Screen Size :  6.1
  • Language :  English
  • Language :  Russian
  • Language :  German
  • Language :  French
  • Language :  Spanish
  • Language :  Polish
  • Language :  Portuguese
  • Language :  Italian
  • Language :  Turkish
  • Language :  Norway
  • Language :  Korean
  • Language :  Japanese
  • Language :  Arabic
  • Number of SIM Cards :  1 SIM Card
  • Release Date :  2018
  • Battery Type :  Not Detachable
  • Touch Screen Type :  Capacitive Screen
  • CPU Model :  APPLE
  • Apple model :  Apple A12 Bionic
  • Standby time :  Up to 10 hours
  • Optical zoom ratio :  no
  • Screen material :  LCD
  • CPU core quantity :  Octa Core
  • Front camera pixels :  Other
  • Phone Type :  Smartphones
  • Features :  Bluetooth 5.0
  • Rear camera pixels :  12MP
  • Screen Type :  Full Screen
  • Fast charge :  Overload
  • 3.5mm port :  no
  • Number of front cameras :  1
  • Load interface type :  Linghting
  • Biometric Technology :  Facial Recognition
  • Wireless charging :  no
  • Number of rear cameras :  1
  • Brand Name :  Apple
  • Apple Model :  IPhone X
  • Screen resolution :  1792x828
  • Battery capacity (mAh) :  2942mAh
  • Apple Model :  iPhone
  • Cellular :  GSM / WCDMA / LTE
  • Wireless Charging :  7.5W Qi























How to verify that our product is authentic 

Check your serial number 
Via the following link after activation



IPhone XR, bright in every way

Each order receives 3 beautiful free gifts! 

Wireless charger Anti-fingerprint bubble film protection case
(Color varies randomly)


A quick view
6.1 "
Retina display liquid
A12 Bionic
With Neural Engine
All of the
Design screen
rear camera
2942 mAh
About the model we sell
1 models Description
1) About the locked version of the iPhone 
A locked iPhone is an iPhone that has a network lock and can only be used with a specific SIM card But in reality the locked iPhone can be unlocked. 
You just put the sticker of the card that we sent you along with your SIM, you can use the iPhone freely locked.

How to use a locked iPhone

* For reference only, the unlocking process may vary depending on the different IOS models and versions.
2) The locked iPhone XR comes from carriers in the United States, Japan and other countries. They are definitely new and original. For each model, we offer 4 packages for your choice:

Bundle1: open case for iPhone XR: new open case for iPhone XR, without original accessories, supports 1 physical SIM card and 1 eSIM card 

 1 SIM + 1 eSIM Free plug switch gifts unlock card sticker
(Not another iPhone)
* Images for reference only, subject to real products.

Bundle2: New iPhone XR sealed in original box with all original accessories, supports 1 physical SIM card and 1 eSIM card 

Compatible with Apple 1 SIM + 1 eSIM Apple original gifts for free plug switch and unlock card sticker 
Accessories (without other iPhone)

* Images for reference only, subject to real products.

Bundle3: new iPhone XR that supports Physical Dual SIM, without original accessories

Support Dual SIM Gifts for free plug switch unlock card sticker
(Not another iPhone)
* Images for reference only, subject to real products.
Bundle4: new iPhone XR that supports Physical Dual SIM, with all original accessories

Compatible with Apple Dual SIM original gifts for free plug switch and unlock card sticker 
Accessories (without other iPhone)
* Images for reference only, subject to real products.

2. Model number and cellular network

The iPhone you receive maybe any of the following models. Check carefully with your carrier to see if this model is available with your transport network. If you have a special request about the specific model, tell us.



3. Special notice of the Dual SIM model locked

The new iPhone XR transformed with dual SIM function is achieved by adding a card sticker to the original SIM card holder without changing the cables and internal components. So do not hesitate to use it, we have not encountered any problems in the use of long-term tests. It works very well, it is totally no different with the original Dual SIM model; and can usually be updated through OTA.

Apple's dual card function is very powerful, you'll find a new world with the dual SIM model. You can have 2 different mobile phone numbers on the same iPhone XR, one for work or customers, partners; another for family or friends. Two different phone numbers can protect your privacy and give you more comfort in many areas.

But we need to open the iPhone XR to put the stiker card, so this will affect Apple's warranty policy in some areas. If Apple checks the machine carefully, it may find that the machine has been opened and that the warranty is not valid. Please know this. The iPhone XR 1 SIM does not have this problem.




The iPhone cellular network menu and the Dual SIM iPhone status






The main number and the secondary number shown in the cellular network menu





4 power adapter

The power adapter for this iPhone is an American model (the power adapter is original), for the convenience of customers in other countries, we provide the adapter switch for free. We currently provide European model or British model. If you have a special request on the power adapter, please contact our customer service.




The introduction of iPhone XR
The new screen design 
6.1-inch liquid RETINA Full Screen: 
Totally new liquid retina. Innovative engineering allows us to stretch the screen in the corners. The result is a full-screen design - our largest LCD in history on an iPhone - that still fits comfortably in your hand.

Bigger screen in a smaller body. 
Comparison of iPhone XR and iPhone 8 Plus
 IPhone XR 6.1 "iPhone 8 Plus screen 5.5" Diplay

Exceptional materials! 
The most durable front glass of a smartphone.Precision machined aerospace grade aluminum bands. Water and dust resistance. And six awesome new finishes.

Seven layer color process. The 
beautiful rear glass finishes 
is achieved using an advanced 
process that allows deep and rich colors.

Aerospace grade aluminum bands.
A special alloy designed by Apple is precision- 
machined to create structural bands, and 
anodized to complete the color of the rear glass.

Wireless charging? The return vessel allows 
IPhone XR to charge easily and wirelessly.
A new level of water resistance. The most durable sealed front glass on a smartphone, sealed and precision, equipped with the aerospace-grade aluminum band, helps create a waterproof housing of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. IPhone XR resists even spills of coffee, tea, soda and more. * 

Retina display liquid
Beauty through innovation Our LCD screen is the most advanced - and most accurate in color - in the industry. What makes everything you see seem true to life. * 

6.1 " 
Liquid Retina LCD display

Resolution of 1792 × 828 

326 ppi 

Wide range of colors. 
With best ‑ in ‑ class color management 

Tap to wake up
The best color accuracy in the industry. Advanced color management automatically shows your content in great color. So everything you see looks beautiful.* 
True tone A six-channel light sensor subtly adjusts the white balance on the screen to match the color temperature of the light around you. So the images on the screen look as natural as on a printed page and They are easier for your eyes. * 


A12 Bionic 
The smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone.


A new level of intelligence. The bionic A12, with our next-generati In the nervous engine, offers incredible performance. Use real-time machine learning to transform the way you experience photos, games, augmented reality, and more * 

8-core Neuronal motorEnhanced image Advancedsignal processor Performance5 billion operations Per second *  


For 9x faster 
Core ML runs 

50% faster 
Graphics performance 

Up to 15% faster Core 

Up to 50% lower 
Energy use in Core 

Bionic A12 in action. The processing power and intelligence of the bionic A12 make the iPhone XR incredibly capable. * 

AR rear camera Faster detection of flat 
surfaces in a scene allow you to jump directly 
Immersive augmented reality experiences. 
AR front camera Applications can use real depth 
Camera and A12 bionic chip to create rich, detailed 
backgrounds and generate 3D effects. 

Immersive! The new GPU makes 
all kinds of games - especially 3D, 
graphics - intensive gaming - faster and 
More * Liquid The iPhone has never been so much fun. 
Smart HDR! Even enhanced ISP processes 
More camera sensor data. It gives 
greater dynamic range with better 
freezing movement , excellent low noise reduction and more. 

FaceID: your face is your password. 
Face ID recognition uses advanced machine learning to recognize changes in your appearance.Wearing a hat In glasses It even works with many types of sunglasses. * 

Unlocked in an instant. The advanced secure Enclave and the new algorithm make facial identification even faster. So you will love it even more. * 


Advance camera system 

Rear cameras  *

F / 1.8 
Wide angle lens
Portrait mode 
With Depth Control! 
2x faster 
Smart HDR sensor in all your photos
4K video or 
P at 60 fps

Front camera *

F / 2.2 Wide angle lens * 
Portrait mode 
With Depth Control
1080p HD video 
at 60 fps
Smart HDR! New secondary frames, a faster sensor, and the powerful A12 bionic chip brings more highlights and shadow to your photos. * 

Adjustable depth of field. Make a great portrait and make it even more amazing with Depth Control, which allows you to adjust the depth of field to erase the background as much as you want! * 

Greater bokeh effect! The iPhone XS has an even more sophisticated bokeh, so your backgrounds look more beautiful than ever. * 

Enhanced portrait mode selfies. The TrueDepth camera generates a precise depth map to keep you in focus against a blurred background.Depth Control allows you to adjust the depth of field after shooting. * 


Lower-light detail The camera sensor has deeper and larger pixels. Deeper to improve image fidelity.And larger to allow more light to reach the sensor.The result? Even better low light photos. * 

Clear action shots and 4K video and wider stereo playback. Faster sensors, Smart HDR, and zero shutter delay combine to freeze you a moment in time with more highlights and shadow. IPhone Xr shoots high quality video from any smartphone. With better low light performance. Extended dynamic range in videos up to 30 fps. Stereo recording! And stereo playback with a wider sound separation. * 


The longest battery on an iPhone

Lasts up to 1.5 hours 
Longer than iPhone 8 Plus 
Talk time (wireless):
Up to 25 hours 
Internet use:
Up to 15 hours 
Video playback (wireless):

IOS: the core of an iPhone
IOS: the most advanced, safe and perfect mobile operating system. powerful and easy to use; Millions of original Apple applications and Third part makes almost everything possible for you. * 

IOS protects your privacy IOS has always been designed with integrated encryption, intelligence on the device, and other tools that protect you from the attack of abused ads, Trojans and malicious links, and allows you to share what you want on your terms. An example: the privacy of Facebook's Android users is more likely to be violated: see Related CNN Report in 2018. * 


Seamless with other Apple devices Your photos, notes, calendar, contacts, emails ...Synchronize automatically between your Apple devices, and you can transmit your operation from your iPhone or Ipad to another device, for example Copy of Your iPhone,Paste in the ipad (need the same Apple and iCloud) * 

About iPhone locked and unlocked
1. What is an iPhone locked and an iPhone unlocked?

The media can block an iPhone to your network. A locked iPhone means that the iPhone is locked to a specific cellular network or to a specific carrier. When you have an iPhone locked, you cannot simply put a new SIM card in it and use it on another carrier because it is locked. To the company? An unlocked iPhone is not locked by the software to your operator.Instead, it will work on any transport that the antennas can connect to. And you can put any valid SIM card in it at any time and it works fine. 

2. How to unlock a locked iPhone?

There are 2 ways to unlock an iPhone that is locked:

1) You can ask the carrier to unlock it. The carrier will normally ask you to pay an additional fee to unlock it. 
2) Use some special hardware such as a SIM card sticker to unlock the iPhone.

That way, the iPhone still has the network lock, but it can work very well, there is almost no difference with the unlocked iPhones. The iPhones we sell here are the second type of unlock. We connect an unlock SIM card sticker on the package.You can use the SIM card unlock label to activate the iPhone, then you can use it freely. 

3. tips on using the locked iPhone

1) Activate the iPhone according to the wizard we sent you.

2) You can use the iPhone exactly using an unlocked iPhone, you can update through OTA, which means that the iPhone downloads the update software and updates automatically. But do not update through iTunes by connecting the computer, or reset the iPhone to the factory state. If you have done so, the iPhone must be unlocked once more.
3) Except for point 2, the iPhone works just like the unlocked iPhone, includes changing different media or changing different SIM cards.
4) Join our WhatsApp group to get any news or instructions. And if you need to reactivate the iPhone, contact us at any time, we will help the iPhone to work normally.

Comparison of iPhones

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
1. About the authentication of the products 
The products we sell are authentic, original and new. We promise 10 times the order quantity if you receive a fake one from our store. You can go to the local flag store of the brand to check. 

2. How long does logistics take? 
It usually takes 10-15 days in Europe, North America, Asia; It takes more-around 20-35 days-in Latin America. Keep in mind that the logistics time here is only the number of days under normal circumstances, this is not our commitment. 

3 about the warranty
The product has the global guarantee of the brand, which means that you can obtain repair service from your local authorized repair center for free due to product quality problems! The warranty period varies depending on the brands. Normally we will specify the term in the specifications sector. Of course, you can also send us the products by mail for repair, but in that scenario, you will have to pay the shipping costs. If the damage caused by your incorrect use of the product, you will have to pay for the repair. 

4. About the return
If you do not use the product and do not activate the device (we can check it when it is activated) And the product box, as well as the device, are available for resale, you can return it in 7 days after receiving the product and we will refund your money! back to you! You can send the product to our HK store (you have to pay the mail fee yourself). 

5. Who will pay the customs duties if necessary? 
The price of our store does not include any customs duty or VAT in your country. Customs duty can be charged for items purchased online, in that scenario, declare the products you have purchased from your country's customs and pay for the service if necessary.
Normally we declare the value of the products according to the request of our logistics provider so that the package can be easily passed through the table and made to measure.

The detailed technical specifications
The technical specifications shown here are for your reference only, which are subject to the official Apple website.

* The cellular network may vary according to the different models, which are subject to the official Apple website.


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