Car Tyre Winter Roadway Safety Tire Snow Adjustable Anti-skid

8pcs/set 4pcs/set Car Tools

Car Tyre Winter Roadway Safety Tire Snow Adjustable Anti-skid

8pcs/set 4pcs/set Car Tools Tyre Winter Roadway Safety Tire Snow Adjustable Anti-skid Safety Double Snap Skid Wheel TPU Chains

Item specifics

Brand Name:Auzan
Item Type:Snow Chains
Material Type:TPU
Item Length:36cm
Item Width:13cm
Item Weight:2.9kg
Item Type:Snow Chains


1. Main material: high-tech composite material (TPU)
2. Bear and endure to wear at low temperature
3. Contact with the ground is covered with high hardness alloy nail, prevent slippery
4. 360 ° all-round
5. Don't damage the ground
6. Vehicle running without vibration
7. To ensure a comfortable drive to reduce vibration and noise.
8. With the minimum braking distance and the maximum traction sliding.
9. Small square and shorter length of each cross chain to reduce wear and tear.
10. Easy to operate chain tension system.
11. Install in a few minutes, there is no jack, or mobile.

Matters needing attention:
-Ban on the emergency brake, turn.
-The speed limit of 40 kilometers an hour.
-Size is suitable for the tire width 165 mm - 265 mm between all of the models.
-Automobile tire chain of snow, snow mud or sand.
-The tire chains can be easily installed in most of the standard size of the alloy or steel wheel (13 inch - 19 inches) tire width in (165 mm - 265 mm) car.

Package Included:
4 x Car Snow Tire Anti-skid Chains

To prevent damage to the body. After use, wash with warm water chain sheet.
Pinning and member smear with rust inhibitor (or oil).


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