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Lift Up Top Coffee Table Lifting Frame

Lift Up Top Coffee Table Lifting Frame

1Pair Lift Up Top Coffee Table Lifting Frame Mechanism Spring Hinge Hardware New Arrival

* Price Updated on 2019-06-18
* Price Before Discount US $28.73

General Use: Home Furniture
Specific Use: Coffee Table
Type: Living Room Furniture
Size: 24cm
Material: Metal
Metal Type: Aluminum
Appearance: Modern
Folded: Yes
Brand Name: OOTDTY


  • Material:Alloy
  • Color:Black
  • Model:B02
  • Raises up : 24 CM
  • Function:lift the top up and forward
  • Usage: table,cabinet, desk 
  • Lift up coffee table mechanism with spring assist 
  • Multi-functional Coffee table lift frame Parts introduction
  1. First multifunctional high-tech idea
  2. Break the traditional tea table fixed height limit
  3. High-quality steel craft Coffee table lift frame for Seiko makes,durable, safety is strong, approximately may bearing 25 kg 
  4. Purchase function Coffee table lift frame 6 reasons
  • Use tea table, Used in peacetime drink coffee or other purposes.
  1. Tensile can when table,On the coffee table also can have dinner.
  2. Tensile can make desks, In a comfortable sofa office,Save time, improve efficiency
  3. Tensile is the computer desk,comfort of your couch surf over coffee and enjoy unlimited
  4. Multi-functional, practical value increasing by 300%
  5. Human process design, exquisite workmanship,than ordinary glass coffee table more durable,environmental health, pollution-free Tensile functional coffee table,to create comfort and convenience of home life
  • Quantity: 1Pair 
  • Note:Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect  the actual color of the item. Thank you!

Package include:

  • 1Pair lift up coffee table mechanism




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